September 14th, 2007



I bopped myself on the head with a cellphone.

I use it as alarm in the morning, and I managed to make it fall on my forehead while trying to turn it off this morning.
It hurt. And if it swells, I don't even wanna think about it.

Usual post reminding you all that I'm an idiot.
Carry on.
Tuckered kitty

Bitchy, am I? Oh yes

You know the boss of the infamous fair I work in (which will start again next Thursday)?
You know he's friend with my dad?

Well, he just gave dad a little gift. Tiny. Really just a token.
An 80GB iPod video.
Holy ... CRAP.

I got treated by dad coming home and assaulting me with 'Have you talked to Remo lately?!?', I was already panicking thinking I screwed up, forgetting to call for something work-related and then this.
He thought I suggested it to him. The hell?!

Now you see why working with him can be so uncomfortable at times?
No matter how many times I tell myself to act normal, I can't bring myself to be, well, myself.
The voice in the back of my head always reminds me that this man is close to my father, they see each other regularly...

This had to happen right before the fair too -_-

Not to mention, I'm a bitchy, bitchy daughter.
I was the last in the family to get an iPod (2GB) after I bough one for dad's birthday and one for mom's! Both 4GB.
And now my father has the fancy huge one, which I'll have to synchronize and fill up for him.
I'm jealous :P
And did I mention bitchy?
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