September 15th, 2007


PoT musing and HP reccing

Something occurred to me, pondering the infinite pairings in PoT world.
How come a lot of TezuFuji and TezuRyo fans maul each other while InuKai and MomKai fans seem to get along just fine? o.O

In HP news, my project to get grandpa to read the books failed -_-
After 2 months of lending ti to him, he gave me back book 1 saying he gave up halfway through ;_________;
I gave him all possible warning, talking him into gritting his teeth and holding on through the first 2 books, that he'll start to enjoy them from PoA but alas... Failed *sniff*

So to cheer myself up, I'll give you a rec.
It's Remus centric fic, one of those 20 facts kind of fic, but I found it pleasantly refreshing.
It's a different take on Remus, portraying him less admirable or upstanding, more rough but still very believable.

Hope you'll read it and enjoy :D

20 Random Facts About Remus Lupin by snegurochka_lee