September 18th, 2007


2 PoT links for Kaori :P

I found these Saturday or so, they made me giggle...
But it wasn't until I got CERTAIN PARTS that the giggling turning into squeeing...loud squeeing.

-First one.
Kaori, pay close attention from 1:08 to 1:18 or so :P
(and if you already saw it, well, at least we have something to squee over together).

-This one... whoever did it has my admiration for the patience and photoshop skills O.O

0:33... *dies...twitchtwich, die some more*
2:14!!!! *gapes...eyes bulge*

PS. The meme for venilia so coming soon! ;)

7 Facts Meme

Tagged by venilia :)

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

1. Coffee makes me sleepy and tired. I discovered it during the time I was preparing the finals for my high-school graduation. Not good when you're drinking coffee to stay awake and it has the opposite effect :P

2. There's this part of me that's always anxious about appointments. Even though I have the day and time down, I always gets nervous and worry that I might have mixed the dates or written the time wrong.
It's irrational but I can't control it.

3. When I'm watching a movie alone, I rarely manage to hold still. I always end up pausing to digest what I've seen so far, maybe by going in the kitchen or something. Usually happens when I get to the good parts. I like to savor them before I get to other good parts. I'm a weirdo, what can I say :P

4. There's something really frustrating about me and fandoms. When I get into one, be it a book one/anime one/movie one, I somehow ALWAYS end up shipping some minor non-canon pair. I'm almost never happy with canon pairs, and it's frustrating when you're looking for fics. The material is really lacking compared to the other ships. The closer I ever came to a canon OTP is probably in HP with Remus/Sirius... but even that could be disputed and it's the old generation. You can't get me to read Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione.

5. I'm a procrastinator. I recently found out and had to face the truth of the fact. I hate being one.

6. I rarely watch tv. Even if I have tv serie I enjoy (like House right now) I prefer to download them and watch them when I feel like it, instead of sitting on the couch and watch it live, with commercials.

7. I hate vegetables. Really hate them. You can get me to eats salads occasionally, maybe a vegetable soup but that's it. I'll eat tomato sauce but no actual tomatoes. It's bad, I know.

Man, that was hard. LOL!
If they want to do it, _puchula_, rlf_2583, calzamante, gilmorphine kaorismash can consider themselves tagged. :)
Tuckered kitty

Temporary Goodbye

I'll start working for the fair tomorrow.
Technically the fair starts on Thursday, but tomorrow I'll have to help set up the stand... I don't anticipate being home before 8 or 9 PM -_-
Plus, this year they decided that Friday will be an extended day, opened from 9AM to 10:30PM.

So, I doubt I'll have time to come online much or check in with you guys.
So, this is a goodbye till next week, hopefully I'll be back on Monday.

Let me know if something big happens, or if you want to let me know something email me or post a link in this post. I'd really appreciate it :)

Kisses, sweets!
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