September 23rd, 2007


I'm home

And completely knackered.
The fair was really busy and really active, and as a souvenir I brought home the mothers of all colds.
I can't breathe, my nose hurts from blowing it too much and I generally feel like crap.

But all in all I'm satisfied. I think I did a decent job, it certainly came easier than usual.
I liked the 2 new girls, I had no problems chatting with them.
The usual problem comes with the boss, he's nice and friendly and funny... but dad is his dear friend and that knowledge prevents me from talking to him like I normally would with someone.
I hated it...
Well, it's over now. Until March if I get called back.

And now I'll go to bed I think, with milk and honey -_-
I'll try to catch up with you all as best as I can, but if something happened and you won't me to know post it here!