October 17th, 2007


My father: a Genius

The one thing I waited for him to do on his first iPod, he 'finally' did it on his 80GB one.
He unplugged it manually without disconnecting it from iTunes, and deleted 1500 songs plus movies.

A round of applause is in order.
And he had the nerve to get mad at ME cause apparently it happened cause he's not on the PC enough to learn.

Nevermind that's the FIRST thing you learn when you get an iPod and he had 2, and the display flash at him to NOT DISCONNECT IT and I told him only a billion times not to do it manually.

And he still insists on using my damn laptop.
When he will get a clue?
Even if I have to go on my knees, I'll beg mom to get him his own PC for Christmas, I don't want his hands on my laptop anymore. I'm reasonably worried. And pissed off.