October 22nd, 2007

HP Faith humanity

I hate how my parents make me feel small

I'm hiding here in my room, listening to an ex-neighbor singing the praises of her daughter and son at university.
And my parents wowing and awwing at it all.

The minute she'll go away and we'll start dinner I'll have to listen to the usual crap of 'Look how smart A is. Look how good B is! Why can't you be like that?'.

If it came from people who actually had a clue what they were talking about I might take it better.
But my parents didn't go to university, so they drink up every crap people tell them, except mine. Cause I obviously exaggerate or make it up. Logical, no?

So a guy that's doing good in a degree that's basically on the same level as everybody's high-school?
Ah, he's a GENIUS. GENIUS, I tell you!

And you Stefy, not yet graduated? Are clearly a dumb moron.