October 26th, 2007


Bullet points update

* Still stuck in D-BOYS land. And Yanagi updated his blog today, with something other than food too! I'm a happy woman :P
Why did I discover these boys so late? -sigh-

* Speaking of which, one thing is for sure: Channaka sure likes to take pics of himself...! Lol
I tried to go through his blog earlier and man! He has a picture of himself up for almost every single day in September and October XD
This explain why most of the comments on the D-Boys guest-book are for him =P

* Now if only I could actually read japanese and kanji... Babelfish and Babylon aren't much help -_-

* If you needed further proof of how much of a dork I am, I got in the mail this week... a Collapse ) and a Collapse ) *___*

* I ordered the hardcover box set of the 7 HP books (American edition) from Amazon.

Know what all of this mean?
I have too many fandoms.
I'll go broke because of them X|