November 12th, 2007


Another depressing post, football related

No matter how many times it's happened now, I'm still in shock about what happened yesterday.
We made the foreign tv news again.
If you haven't heard, ultras went nuts again yesterday.
A policeman shot and killed a Lazio fan by accident after trying to sedate a fight between Lazio and Juve fans.
The govern didn't put a stop to the football championship, and the result were crazy madness and chaos.

I thought it was bad to see fans in Bergamo break the glass windows on the pitch, but what happened last night in Rome ... no words.
Roma seems to have the most violent fans and it showed last night.
4 hours of fights between ultras and police, people barricaded themselves in shops and homes, they assaulted police stations, burned cars...

Insanity. Pure unadulterated insanity.

I'm a football fan, bu I truly hope they do stop the championship.
Nothing is gonna get solved if they don't use strong strict measures.
Yes, fair fans like myself will suffer from it, but if it can put a stop to this madness then I'm all for it.

Players and societies in Serie A are already saying no to stopping it though.
Will they need for ultras to get to the players before they understand something needs to be done?