November 21st, 2007


The eternal boyfriends updated on the same day again

1 hour apart. Lol.
Completely different kinds of updates again.
I can't make sense of either one, but for different reasons.

Yanagi's one... it's pure Yanagi. Short, random and insane :P
(He finished an entry about drinking milk to gain strenght with 'I am Japanese'. In english. Oh, Yanagi... lol).

Endo's ... Not as emo as the past ones but still a bit depressing for me :\
And I can't make out what he's reflecting on -_-

And I have a feeling WE asked him to update, because he talks about the movie, mentions when the movie will be out and coincidentally the D-BOYS site was just updated with info on this movie (Kumai is in it too).

*sigh* Well, hopefully someone in the huge cast he mentions will be able to make him get his confidence back.

*huggles Enya*