November 27th, 2007


'Deadier' than yesterday

Painting Day #2.

It started off peachely last night. My dad, Superman that he thinks he is, moved this and that, I showed you pics of him cleaning up and all.... result?
He had another colic.
He stayed on the sofa all night and was looking like crap this morning.
He's fine now, and the good thing that came from the episode is that he went running to the doc this afternoon to get the appointment for the X-Ray. Good boy.
Now he has pills in case it happens again.

Anyway, this meant that all the work was done by me today.
Cleaning up floors where the imbecile guy spilled paint, and moving all the furniture back in place -_-
Specifically, 2 sofas, the tv, 1 carpet, 1 big table, 1 small table, 1 piece of furniture holding an old LP player, about around 1 hundreds LP and tons of VHS (I had to put hard shoes on to not slip n the floor while I was trying to push it in place -_-;)...
Not to mention that he painted the bathroom too and we hadn't covered the floors... yeah, you know where I'm going -_-

My lower back hurts like HELL.
And the bookcase is still empty.
And I think my brain is shutting off from fatigue.
If I get the insane idea o posting more or commenting in your journal with delirious replies, I'll say it now: I'm very very sorry. XD