December 22nd, 2007

Rayearth Hug

Christmas and Friends

I know I rarely post about my RL friends here...
I'm making an exception for Christmas since my best friend, Cristina, gave me the cutest gift ever yesterday.
She's been very busy these last few months, she's working part-time in university and you know how it is: they need the help and use the students, but there's no money so they get paid months later.

Well, she didn't have time to shop for us so this time she decided to make 'home-made' gifts.
She bought 2 amazing green teas, 1 chinese and 1 japanese, and she then baked all kind of cookies and made a wonderful gift-plate. You should have seen it: cookies with coconut on them, cookies covered in chocolate, cookies with sugar and almonds, and full almonds and nuts covered in brown and white chocolate...
It was amazing.


Tomorrow after months and months I'm finally getting together with Maria Chiara too.
People say that the student life is so cool and you have so much free time... liars! We barely manage to see each other since we go to different university, gah!

Hence the need to catch up. We'll spend the afternoon here just chatting and gossiping :P
And I hope she'll open her Christmas gift here, for once I'm mighty proud of myself for it... so I proud that I almost said 'Screw this, I'm getting it for myself too!'... but alas, the money as gone ;___;
Hopefully she'll like it ^^;
...and hopefully my mom will disappear and go shopping while she's here so we'll be able to talk freely.