January 23rd, 2008

D-Boys Araki

Nothing of substance

Ugh, I'm so sleepy.
I got up at the crack of dawn to go to university after managing maybe 3 hours of sleep, stupid insomnia had to come LAST NIGHT. And of course I got put in the second group for the exam! So I'll have to go back for it on Feb 4th.
Can't even work up the energy to be pissed.

I'm still disturbed by the news of Heath Ledger's death.
(Yeah, I know EVERYBODY wrote about it in your f list... I wasn't around for it and read it this morning, bear with me).
If it was really his role in Batman that caused him insomnia problems and the consecutive sleeping pills overdose... God, it's so horrifying.
I was looking forward to that movie.
Now I seriously doubt I'll ever have the guts to watch it, I'll be too disturbed and freaked out.
May he rest in peace, poor man :(

My sleep-hazed mind is here wondering why Yanagi still hasn't said a peep about Sohji.
He posted about Igarashi when he was supposed to post about his stage work.
Is it going THAT badly?
Sigh... Damn teaser.

Did I mention that I'm sleepy? =_=
*hides under the covers*