January 25th, 2008

D-Boys Yanagi BW

Tadashi Ouji.... 3

How did this show turn so O___O inducing with just 1 episode?
I cringed through all of it... maybe because it was Aiba centered (and looks like next time it'll be too) but damn!

His character is seriously awful.
But not as irritating as his girl... I might have felt sorry for her at the end if she hadn't been so damn annoying for the previous 15 minutes.
UGH... I hate that way of portraying girls, like they're some mindless-spineless bimbos that go nuts everytime a hot guy is involved, throwing self-esteem to the wind and letting the guy abuse them.

Ok, it ain't that deep and it's a freaking japanese drama but I'm still 'UGH' about it.
Part of it might be that now Nakagawa's character seem to have become Aiba's bitch.

Can't wait for the focus to switch to one of the other 4 guys, ANY of them. =X

And why isn't Yanagi updating his damn blog?!?
*needed to get it out*