February 5th, 2008

Loveless 2


I've fallen for yet another obsession.
Why does it ALWAYS happen when I'm dealing with exams?
September-October? Tenimyu and D-Boys, and now...

I'm scaring myself... I've always been able to focus only on 1 fandom per time, when I started getting really involved with Harry Potter a couple of years ago I dropped out of most of my japanese-anime-manga fandoms.
Then when I discovered Prince of Tennis almost 1 year ago, HP took the back-seat even if it was still present.

But I do think PoT made the difference. I'm still into it, but at the same time discovered Tenimyu and D-Boys.
So here I am, juggling between PoT and D-Boys loving them both a lot.
That's already weird for me.
But here comes a brand new one. Loveless.

I sat on that anime for ages.
I heard so many people talking about it that I knew fairly well what it was about and the characters (so many writers like to use it for crossovers, and not just in the PoT fandom).
A couple of weeks ago I started clean my hard disk, burning DVDs of anime series that I had downloaded and saved but never watched... One was Loveless, and seeing how short it was I decided to finally give it a go and watch it.


As soon as I finished it I started digging around for the manga.
(Damned Wikipedia entry for being so complete and showing the huge difference between anime and manga).
I signed for a membership-approving community to have some scans of the manga, only to become too impatient and start looking for torrents via Google >_<
3 days later I had read all the volumes and chapters published...

Damn it if it isn't such an intriguing storyline.
And the characters are so complicated and hard to pin down, each and everyone of them has some degree of mystery. At this point in time, you still can't really guess where the story will lead or end, which adds also a certain degree of anxiety, the death of the 2 main characters is possible and who's to say they will really stick together?
At this point, the idea of Soubi betraying Ritsuka isn't that far fetched...

I'm gonna stop here... I could go on but I doubt many of you read till here, let alone more XD
If you want give this anime a chance, do it.
You won't regret it.
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