March 10th, 2008


Cloud of gloom and doom hanging over my head

Feels like I'm mocking myself with this icon...
I didn't pass the 2 written tests that would allow me to take my last university exam.
For the second time.
I still have to find out if I didn't pass one or both, but it's not important since I have to re-take them both, jolly rules of my university.

Right now the idea of packing everything and running away sounds mighty appealing.
The idea of telling my parents... is something I don't want to face but will have to. Tonight?
No, better to phone them maybe in the afternoon but still...
Here goes my hope of finishing with everything before the end of the year.
And my projects for a course of japanese for April.
I wanted to get infos on the TOEFL and give the exam, but even that will have to wait.

But those are smaller worries.
What worries me is that I have to tell my freaking psycho parents! -_-

(I'm sorry this is the first update from me in a while and it's so gloomy.)