March 14th, 2008

D-Boys Yanagi Rain

Miki's blog and others

The RSS feed for Miki-san's blog finally works ^o^

If you're interested, the link is:
If some of you already had it added to your f list you're probably gonna get flooded with a bunch of her entries, sorry ^^;

Speaking of blogs, the other night I found an interesting one completely by change, through an image link.
Nicholas Pettas blog.
It's this guy.

Reading a couple of his Yanagi related entries I found out he's a wrestler and he was in a movie with Yanagi?
Whatever, that's not the interesting part >D

Apparently he helped Yanagi move into his own apartment at the end of February >=P
Is he finally growing up? ♥

In completely unrelated, non-fangirling news... I forgot my teapot on the gas this afternoon, while cleaning the house.
The water evaporated COMPLETELY and both the inside and the outside of the thing are burned =_=
Yay Stefy!