March 15th, 2008

D-Boys DRadio

Hello there, Taichou!

Who's excited for ROOKIES now?
I know I am *__*

And this picture came after the adorable Good Come 4 scans... Shunji AND Yanagi in one shoot.
Yes. Oh, yes! ♥

While on the other hand, I don't know what to think about this.
What were they shooting for?
Sharing a hotel room and all?
Wonder if Shunji is the jealous type.... >=P
D-Boys Yanagi BW


I thought spending the afternoon out with people who knows nothing about asian boys would distract me and help me come down from the silly-squee mood I was in when I first saw this.
But alas, nope. Didn't work.

Take a look at this.

And if you don't know japanese, run in through Babelfish or another online translator.
You'll see ONE word step out among all others... ITALY.
He asked if anyone has been in Italy, or something?
I don't really care, I'm just stupidly excited over the fact that he mentioned my country out of the blue XD
If that doesn't make me a loser...