March 20th, 2008


Nothing interesting to post

Are you guys gonna participate in the LJ strike tomorrow?
I'm not.
But it's not like it'll make a difference, I don't know if I'll have something to post tomorrow anyway. But I'm still commenting.
I won't stay here justifying my choice, there's plenty of posts talking about it, my F list really doesn't need another one from me.

I don't know how many of you watch Yanagi's LJ community, but in case you don't know nerfracket managed to meet Yanagi today!! At the event for the release of the 'Tadashi...' DVD.
How cool is that? *___*
I'm still on cloud 9 over it, can only imagine how I'd feel if I had been the one that actually met him XD

And to amuse you...
I'm sure most of you saw it already. But I'm still looking for a cure that will prevent me from chocking with laughter everytime I see this.
After a while, and knowing what it says, it should stop being funny, damn it!
(lol, pooooooorn!)