March 28th, 2008


If in doubt Meme

To lighten things up after my post this morning (btw, nothing changed. I got asked 3 times if I re-installed his stupid eMule and now I'm here uploading music on his stupid iPod. Might as well have talked to the wall, it might have actually listened):

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

Icons picked by calzamante

This was one of the very first icon I put here... can't believe I'm still using it ^^;
The "mystery" of my username comes from this man, which you can also see in the icon I'm using now...
Pharrell Williams. He's part of a group called N.E.R.D. (No one Ever Really Dies), you can see the name on his belt. Thinking back, I see a pattern here... Pharrell, Dida... Umm....

I love this icon ♥
I have a bunch of books icons saved, but I think I uploaded only this one cause it's my favorite. I love to read, I'm still a university student... I live with books ^^;
This icon serves as a reminder that not all books are as boring and frustrating as the ones I'm studying... there also enjoyable books! ^^;

Oh Ruby, what did you do... lol!
This is the boy I've mentioning non-stop since last October, Yanagi Kotaro. The D-Boys fans on my f list know all about him (and my obsession ^^;) but for the others, he's a japanese actor. I discovered him by chance, after much prodding and pushing from Kaori that got me to watch Tenimyu (the live-musical version of the anime Prince of Tennis)...
Most fans of the musicals have moved onto to other boys and other D-Boys (the acting troupe he's part of) but I still love him the most. He's not a very good actor, but he tries so hard. His dream was to be a dancer, but he got in a car accident in 2003 that left him limping and damaged his vocal chord, yet he's always positive, he's cheerful, he has a wicked sense of humor, he's adorable yet naughty... I could go for hours, let's leave at this: he's a true inspiration and I love him.
(And this icon proves he's not just cute ans squishable, he can be sexy too :P).

This icon, as many of the ones I made myself, started off as one thing then got a life of its own and became something else entirely ^^;
I wanted to make an icon for each season, and this was supposed to be Winter. I got this beautiful pic of a snowed tree... and messing with colors and textures it ended up like this.
Not very wintery, is it? ^^;
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