April 1st, 2008


Wish today had been an April's Fool joke

Shitty day.
Shitty, shitty day.

I don't feel like elaborating much.
The good news is laptop is fine as you can see and now I can use Firefox again.
I'll have to buy a new battery soon though.

My japanese class got postponed cause our teacher has health issues and has doctor orders for mandatory rest... I hope she'll be ok.

Sorry this comes so late, but a very Happy Birthday to winnett! ♥
You're absolutely lovely, hope you're having a equally lovely day :)

Also, to anyone who knew anjenue and was friends with her, I'm really sorry for your loss :(
When such news appears... it's devastating, no matter if you knew the person or not.
Huge to all fo you and condolences to her family.
*hugs tight*

Sorry if I'm not commenting much today, I'm feeling funky even physically.
But I'm reading your posts ♥