April 9th, 2008


Japanese Lesson #3 and some Fangirling

After today, it's confirmed: my sensei is INSANE.
Either that or she thinks she's teaching to 5 genius.
Third lesson and we already started katakana. WHAT THE HELL?!
I went crazy these 2 days trying to find ways to remember all of hiragana, I managed it mostly but I certainly don't know it by heart... and now you want me to start studying KATAKANA?!
I still mix some hiragana symbols, can you imagine what kind of mess I'll make of katakana?

And I was feeling so proud of myself too, sensei kept praising me today =_=
Short-lived pride.
It'll be shame upon shame from Monday =_=;;


Enough with this, I've been studying too much these days and I miss some good ol' fangirling.
The D-Boys fandom delivered a lot in these past few days...
I'm sure there'll be a hundred posts on this already, but Adachi is coming back?
I never got to really know the guy, having discovered D-Boys when he had left already, so it's a good chance for me to see more of this guy that so many of you love. ;)

I'll avoid commenting on the news regarding photobooks.... it's better this way =X

Yanako got blog-happy last week...
He was making me so happy and updating at least once a day, sometimes more O.O
The post about Tomo made me grin like a loon... aww Tomo! (and Shirota had to go and ruin it by making fun of Tomo and his posting habits =_=)
Of course the joy was short-lived cause now he disappeared again =_=
He's probably in Brazil with his imaginary girlfriend Natasha XDDD

But today another good news came... TRYSTAN! :O
He scored a part in Atsuhime? WOW!

The fangirling life is full of ups and downs it seems, cause for all the news that came, something just HAD to go wrong.
Let me just say this: I hate AMAZON Japan. With every fiber of my being =_=