April 10th, 2008


Going to Rome tomorrow!

To meet umarekawareru, she's in Italy for a school trip.
I'm so excited!! :D

I thought it wasn't gonna happen until the end but I did manage to get tickets and make it work.
I'll leave tomorrow morning at 7AM and get to Rome at 1PM. We'll spend the afternoon together and then I'll catch the 6PM train back to Milan.
It's gonna be a Tour De Force but who cares, who knows when we'll have another chance to meet.

I'm filling up my iPod now with new songs (any suggestions? English/American or Japanese ones?).
I'll be armed with an Ann Rice novel for the train trip and bringing fangirling material for our meeting, as per Sonia request.
She wants me to try to convert her to the Yanagi Love, and who am I to say no to that? >D

Anyway, I won't be around tomorrow. You kids behave yourselves! :P