April 24th, 2008


RH +

I finally finished watching this drama.
I'm glad I decided to check it out.
For those who don't know it's a drama about 4 vampires with a slight shonen-ai theme (which probably is more evident in the manga).

It's nothing earth-shattering, but really if you want 'earth-shattering' I doubt a japanese drama is the place to look for it.
But I really enjoyed it. It went against a lot of vampire-cliché and the concept of vampires seeking company and wanting a family was somewhat different, enjoyable.

Surprisingly, I also liked all the characters. Even Ami, as annoying as she was, had her good moments. I liked her in the episode where Makoto run away from home.
I really liked Makoto, the lead character, but my favorite was probably Masakazu.
His 'irresponsibility', his apparently caring only about himself and getting girls... and how all of that disappears the minute one of the guys he considers his 'family' is in trouble.
He's so lovable, and his scenes with Haruka were priceless |D

All in all, I'd def. recommend you to check it out if you have time ^^

There's only one thing that drives me nuts about this serie. There seems to be no fandom for it.
No fansites, no fanwork, no fics, no communities... nothing ;__;