April 28th, 2008


This made everything better

I wonder if it means Yanagi stalked him on the set of the movie XDDD

In other japanese news, tonight's class was... umm, interesting?
She made us play 'Restaurant'.
One of us was the waiter and we had to actually go out of the room, come in, the 'waiter' would greet us and so on... she even had a printed menu for us and pictures of japanese dishes that the waiter brought to us. And an envelope working as our wallet, with different yen amounts written on sheets of paper XDDD

I think she's really planned the course for someone who needs japanese for an imminent trip to Japan and that's too bad :\
4 out of 5 of us wants to focus on the actual reading and writing, only 1 is interested in immediate day-to-day japanese.

Oh well, it's still japanese XD
Guess at the end of the course I'll try to self-teach myself the rest.

Now, if only this annoying cold would pass already... I'm afraid my nose will fall off by tomorrow morning =_=