May 1st, 2008


A differen kind of holiday

Today was a national holiday.
I was supposed to spend the day boring myself to tears with my parents at home, since my BF was trying to get some much needed sleep after starting her job (I'm meeting her tomorrow evening with some of the other girls for pre-dinner drinks).

Instead I decided to take up on the out-of-the-blue invite I got yesterday from one of my jap classmates and went out for lunch with her.
We were supposed to eat chinese with a friend of hers, but we ended up having an extra guy and eating japanese :P
It was fun!
They're pretty laid back, and 2 of them share my love for japanese things, obviously XD

Somehow lunch turned into an 'all day hanging out' experience with basically ALL of her friends showing up.
We just sat at a bar and drank ginseng iced tea and talked about italian anime openings XDDD
It was refreshing, since none of my friends give a crap about anime or japanese things in general. I can't talk to any of them about the stuff I talk about on here... I told them about my japanese course and they looked at me funny with a face that clearly said 'Why?' before switching to a different topic XD

It was different talking with people who actually understand what I'm talking about and sometimes even know more than me about it XD

Still, I'm glad I'll see my small group again tomorrow.
It's been too long since we managed to be all free to meet. And Elena graduated uni recently so we'll probably celebrate her :P