May 9th, 2008



I'm so sorry for not updating in so long.
I'm alive and well XD
What was behind this prolonged silence was partly RL happenings (studying, best friend's birthday etc...) and partly the usual laziness that hits me every single year in the spring.
I kept waiting to have something interesting to post about that wasn't RL-related but alas... nothing came to mind.

Unless you guys are interested in me flailing over Yanagi+Endo or Yanagi+Takiguchi Yukihiro XD

Well... I have to comment about the last one at least :P
I seriously have to wonder what got into that boy, no kidding. Far from me to complain about it, but 2 posts in 2 days professing his love for Yanagi? xDDD
After a Tadashi Ouji... event

And the day after that

(The second one cracked me up. According to my faithful enabler translator Yanagi just showed up to greet Takki at a 3-way interview Takki was having with Kiriyama and Trystan. xD
This is what happens when you gush about him the day before: he thinks it's fair game to stalk you! xDDD ).
In a way it's cute how Takki says he wishes he could work one day on stage with Yanagi... maybe it'll happen!
For now Yanagi scored another leading role for a stage play in August tho >D

Anyway folks, how are you?
I've tried to keep up at least with my F List as much as I could, but if I missed something or you wish to let me know anything, fire away! ^o^