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Stefy ~ ステフィ
14 May 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Japanese class is dragging on...
I haven't updated much about it cause the teacher doesn't give me time to learn or even understand exactly what she's explaining.
Tonight we had a new revelation. The が .
Until today the one grammatical particle you had to put everywhere was は. Tonight we found examples in the book with this が and you think she explained to us what is it?
No, of course not!
We just got told that when saying things like 'Tanaka-san ga kimashita', you can't omit the が.
*is confuzzled and annoyed*

This is why I think that I'll continue learning japanese on my own, with a grammar book and sites.
The course will end in 2 weeks and a new one will start immediately afterwards, but I really don't feel like spending 300€ for stuff that I have to understand and learn on my own anyway.

In other, fandom news... Raise your hand if this pic creeped the hell out of you.
It looks like one of those chairs for people with spine immobility O_O
And while looking at the blog to link the post I found Miki on there... she's such a good girlfriend, she went to see his rehearsals? XD

Anyway, I realized I've been post-poning watching too many things and now the pile of drama/movies/plays I have to cacth up to is getting out of hand.
So, in my indecision I'm asking for your help ^^;

What should I watch first? ) Too lazy to switch to Rich text and make a poll)
Sohji (historical play with Yanagi)
☆ Tokyo Ghost Trip
☆ Takumi-kun movie
☆ Yukan Club (promised Chris I'd do it ^^;)
☆ Higamyu
☆ Not of them above! You should watch... (specify in comments :P )

Thanks! ^^
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