June 12th, 2008

DBOYS Yanagi Starbucks

What ISN'T wrong with this?


Seriously, what can you say to that? On what do you focus?
The purdy pink and how he know it's 'kawaii'?
The finger to whoever is taking the pic?
The hand on the curtain ala 'If I don't hold onto something I'm gonna fall flat on my face (in fact I did after the picture was taken)'?

Oh Yanagi, please don't ever change! XD
I mention I want to do a fandom post and you present me with this, you make it too easy!
I hope that's a costume fitting for D-STAGE... Baseball player in pretty pink. I'd die! XDDD

Crackiness aside, he's looking burned out... Even in the pics in Wada's blog.
Maybe his body has gotten too old for stage shows... >_>