June 21st, 2008

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Childhood memories (Part 3: Magic Anime)

It took me a while to start this (last?) part of the anime I used to watch as a kid, sorry about that. Busy week ^^;
And next week will be even worst with my father home from work =_=

Anyway, here we go!
Magic Anime.

Before I start, since this group will contain Sailor Moon... I read today in more various journals about the death of the actress who starred as the third Sailor Moon in SeraMyu, Kanbe Miyuki. She was only 24... ;__;
May she rest in peace.

We had tons, and I mean tons of anime with magic girls... and some sporadic guy.
It's really hard to chose between all of these.
I'll give you the ones who seemed to be more successful in Italy.

L'incantevole Creamy (Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami)

Typical plot with the regular girl finding a magic object and having a magic alter-ego. In this case Creamy, a purple-haired popular singer.
This opening and its 'Paripanpu!' verse became legend! XD


Magica Emi (Mahou no Star Magical Emi)
Maybe considered the anime direct 'rival' of Creamy in Italy, just because of the similar plot.
Although Emi wasn't a singer but a magician :p

E' quasi magia, Johnny (Orange Road)
One of the most popular anime in Italy, but a peculiar one.
It was 'promoted' as a magical anime centered around a boy,Johnny.
But in reality, the magical aspect is not the focus of this story. Yes, Johnny is a guy with magical powers. But the plot revolves around the love triangle between him and 2 other girls, one funny and out-going, the other serious and mysterious.
What I always found interesting was the characterization of the 2 girls: Tina, the easy-going girl, is portrayed with a boyish hair-cut and style, yet she's the sensitive and feminine of the two.
Sabrina, the serious one, has dark long hair, green eyes and appears to be your classical sophisticated girl in the beginning... but turns out she was the actual tomboy in the past.

Ok... no more talking, watch it! XD

And now we get to the big one (and the ones sprung from it)...
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I'm done, promise! XD

Although I was thinking about making one more post for anime based on books and classic stories... would you be interested in it?