June 23rd, 2008


At least it's over

Italy's out.
Which was bound to happen, cause when everyone and their mama is saying Italy will go through.. these boys just let the tension slip away and suck balls =_=
Great idea having De Rossi do that free kick too, the one who screwed us over in Italy-USA.
I feel like this guy should be banned from important matches, his aura is bringing us down! XD

Jokes aside, I feel sad but I'll get over it.
I don't mind Spain going ahead, they're our brothers in a way ;)
What hurt me more was seeing Netherlands fail last night... I was hoping they'd finally get back to their glory days. But Russia is playing amazingly well, wow guys!

Tomorrow it'll be back to studying and angsting over D-Boys, with the added 'bonus' of our media talking themselves sick over Italy's demise. Yay!