July 29th, 2008



Hi girls!
How are you all doing?

umarekawareru left yesterday... Boo! T__T
I had a really great time, hopefully she had some fun too ^^;
We spent a lot more time fangirling than touring Milan actually, it gave me a chance to catch up on things I hadn't seen and re-watch others that I had loved.

Among other things, we watched Junjou Romantica (and boy Nerf, were you right on that one *_*) and the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles OVAs (which did nothing but increase exponentially my Subaru obsession XD He's so darn cute! *_* And twin!Kamui!)... then the PoT songs marathon (we both lost it when they sang the first OVA opening, Flowers *o* ), the Boys Love movie (*sniff!*) and after that we started Sukitomo but we ended up stopping halfway through... I can take only so much creepy!obsessive love in one evening XD
We also watched Nodame Cantabile (finally saw the specials from Europe and...and... crying and squeeing!). And RH +, oh the vampire crack! Mmh, bloody! XDDD
She also introduced me to Hikaru no Go, we didn't go far cause we run out of time, but I'll keep watching it, promise! XD
Although now that the Tsubasa bug bit me with the possibility of more Subaru-Kamui-Seishiro, my focus might not be the best :P

So yes, busy and very enjoyable week ^^
My cat, Rocky, also seemed to have taken a real liking to Sonia, jumping on her bed and watching tv from above her head on the sofa XD
I'm just sad it was over way too soon and we didn't get to do more... and also for not being to introduce her to my 'entertaining' next door-neighboor :P
(This reminds me: Sonia, you forgot the DVD with the first 9 episodes of Nodame!)

Now the week-of-hell starts for me, with grandparents asking me to visit on my own and aunts doing the same (just this morning I got woken up by my aunt giving me her version of the omelette with potatos recipe =_=;).
So I still might not be around much.
I'm sorry!
But please, tell me if I missed something. I won't have the time to go through all of your posts, so please let me know what's new with you! ♥

Yosh, off to cook a dessert to bring to the grandparents tomorrow!
*squeeze you all*