August 23rd, 2008



Holla back, guys! :D
How are you doing?

I came back from the vacation Thursday night, sorry I'm showing up just now ^^;
I'm at my grandparents' house, actually, stealing internet time cause I can't take anymore questions about my tan and how much night life I enjoyed during the vacation =_=

The house was in the middle of NOWHERE, 20 minutes of walk outside the nearest town. And the town itself was really small, it just had a church, a market and a bunch of open stands with bags and make-up second-hand products XD

But in the end, I had a really good time, it was relaxing and my aunt's family is so different from mine, there's so chipper and even when arguments happen it's never a big/serious deal like when it happens with my parents...
And my cousins are crazy, I love them so much XDDD
Predictably enough, I didn't get much studying done, but I managed to read 'Pride & Prejudice', finally. Loved it!

Even tho I have internet and civilization back, I'm missing the relax and ease of the past 10 days... from the first night, the tension was back =_=
Plus, last night was spent at the fair's boss house eating vegetables (eww!) and watching 'American Gangster'... so the expectations and pressure for the upcoming fair and university are fully back on *sigh*

But happy thoughts!
I'll try to enjoy the weekend before fully worrying about it all...

So girls, what about you?
How were these days for you? Anything to share with me?
I'm sorry, unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to check whatever I missed, so let me know if you posted something you want me to read. I'm curious to know what were the happenings with you all! :D

*hugs you all*