August 27th, 2008

Tea glass

Birthday wishes and more randomness from yours truly

Happy Birthday kat8cha and dropsofgleam! ♥ ♥ ♥
Hope you girls are having a wonderful one!

☆ Speaking of birthdays, I know I missed a lot of your birthdays while I was away...
So here are some VERY belated Happy Birthday wishes for hinoai,knw,reddwarfer,innusiq,_sabriel and bombaycake

Hope you all had memorable birthdays this year! ^o^

☆ In other random news, today has been a really good day in fandom world!
First Kaji and his random profession of love to Shirota... and then the return of Yuyan and Yanagi! XD
I'm trying to focus on Yanagi and his calling Yuyan 'My darling' and ignoring Yuyan's new hair color and the mention of Yanagi being in poor health...
It feels like weirdlyyours should think (and write) about them more often, it brings results!

☆ I spent the day hopping around in university and it shows. I have some killer blisters from the flip-flops... even bursting them didn't help, I'm barefoot and hoping the floor will cool my feet down >_>

And after this bit of TMI, I bid you all Good Night!