September 6th, 2008


Childhood Memories #4 (Anime inspired by books/movies)

I finally got around to doing this post.
I promised it months ago ^^;
It's the last batch of a serie of posts about anime that were popular in Italy during my childhood and their 'interesting' italian opening ^^;
As I started the 'project', I realised that the amount of anime that got imported in Italy in the 80s-90s was nothing short of MASSIVE.
I ended up sticking to just some of the popular ones, but really my generation was lucky. Today's generation less so, since they only get the very popular series and rather late compared to the rest (Naruto, Yu-gi-oh but no Prince of Tennis or Tsubasa Chronicles, for example).

Past posts can be found here:
Girls Anime
Magical Anime
Sports Anime

And now I present you a selection of:

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