September 29th, 2008

Lazy Porch

I'm alive!

I missed this place, and you guys most of all :P

I was supposed to be back last Monday but then things happened... a lot of things happened XD
To make it short and not too boring, let's shorten it to bullet points:

1. I started to work for the usual fair for Moschino on Wednesday the 17th. Finished on Sunday the 21th.

2. I finally grew the balls to confront the fair's boss about the issue of going to work for him at his company/doing an internship. Surprisingly, away from my father meddling, the two of us managed to have a nice talk and straighten things out. He made it clear I don't have to feel obliged to do it and that whenever I'm ready, if I want to try the internship it'll be available. But since my studies are mostly in the communication field, he even said that he'd be willing to send my CV to companies more fitting that area. I won't deny it was nice to know, and put my mind to rest at least on one issue.

3. During that fair, on the Friday, I got offered a job at another fair for the following week. It's called White and it's a fair held for the Fashion Week in Milan. I worked at the stand of a young guy who was launching his first shoes line. And they were nice shoes too! Made me bitter actually, I have huge feet and the shoes were too fashionable o come in my size ;___;
Have a pic:

(you can spy the guy, Riccardo).

4. I started the White this past Wednesday and it immediately became 'interesting'. Meaning that I knew more about fairs than my supposed boss did. He made me go to set-up at the crack of dawn almost, when the stands were obviously not ready. Then we were finally able to start unload his car at around 5PM... But the savvy guy left his laptop on the car's back-seat, so of course when we came out he found broken glass and a stolen laptop :\
The next two days consisted of us two sitting on 2 of the mos uncomfortable stools known to men (I still got sore spots on my thighs, no kidding) trying to fill the boredom of 10 hours of fair. It was completely different from the MiPEL, and since he was an upcoming brand at his first fair, his goal should have been mainly to gain contacts to start his business. Already in those 2 days he was doing good, 2 magazines came asking to feature his shoes.
But the dude wasn't happy. So I spent 2 days hearing him whining about not writing any shoes orders while I kept assuring him that contacts were the most important thing right now, I saw it at MiPel, the lady in the stand next to ours kept telling him the same, but nooo he kept whining and huffing and whining.
Needless to say, working at MiPEL is crazier, you have to run around a lot, but it's less tiring than staying put for 10 straight hours listening to nothing but whining.

5. Did I mention I'm in the middle of the exams season? I already knew about MIPEL so I was prepared, but this other fair stumped on my studying big time. Add to that that on Monday and Tuesday I had to help out at my uncle's brother company again and you got a full week of wasted studying time. So basically I'm screwed now. And am crossing my fingers for a miracle.

Enough whining though. Just 3 more things:

Paula, I know I missed your birthday. I'm so sorry! Allow me to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday! ♥
I hope you had a really good one, sweetie *hugs*

☆ Milan actually won the derby? We beat freaking Inter? Have we entered the Twilight Zone? XDDD
Oh hell, who cares, WE WOOON! >D >D >D

seregil_1982, hon sorry I haven't gotten back at you yet. I hope everything's good. *hugs*
I don't think I'll be free until Friday ;__;

Ok, huge entry is over now! XD
*clings to y'all*