October 6th, 2008

Tea glass

Stupid fall (and a birthday!)

I got a cold.
AGAIN. I had one less than a month ago... why???
And it's just in its beginning phase... tomorrow should be fun, especially my trip to the post office, grocery shopping and office work in the afternoon ('Pressing', the company I was helping out sporadically, asked help again for all this week).

I could whine some more about the day I had, there would be plenty to tell. But I just want distractions.
So while I wait for my tea to brew, I'll try to work a bit on Photoshop... gotta start working on that Shirota collage, uh Chris? :P

And when I'll get too frustrated at my own incompetence and shut the damn thing off, I'll have a cheer-up back plan all ready:


New stories I hadn't read before, that's what I call a rare gift in this fandom *.*

The post run away from me... I just wanted to post for a reason: to wish nerfracket a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! ♥
I really hope all is well with you, I haven't heard from you in ages *hugs tight*
Hope that you'll get to wake up to a pretty Yanagi dressed in a pink ribbon and nothing else >D
♥ ♥ ♥