November 4th, 2008

D-Boys Kaji


Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, girls! ♥
You made my birthday so special, what with adorable messages and virtual gifts... thank you to all of you, they really made my day! :D

I've had yet another couple of crazy busy days... today I've been at work all day helping for a showing the office prepared. I helped creating the book that goes along with it among other things ^^
It's a really cute showing featuring peculiar bicycles, dressed to represent all sorts of old jobs that were based/traveled with a bicycle. Sounds crazy? XD
The site is still not ready, maybe I'll show you some of them when it is :P

In other news... I've been post-poning doing the meme you tagged me for, Chris. Mainly cause I couldn't pick the other 2 boys XD
But I'll give it a go...

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