November 8th, 2008

Pharrell Boys

LJ...? Why? =_=

Do you guys like the new Profile pages?
Gah, they frustrate me.
Yeah, they're supposed to be more organized and easier to navigate, but it's hard to get used to them... especially when you have to keep looking around for the 'Search' button... I miss the cute old magnifying glass >_<

In other "news" (if they can be called that) I discovered X-Japan's music in the last few days... keeping up with my trend of discovering things when the big wave is already gone. But I think this time I topped myself: not only the band disbanded some 10 years ago, but one of the member is dead -.-

Nevertheless, I'm addicted to "Weekend" and "Forever Love" XD
If anyone's interested:
Forever Love

(They have a song called 'Orgasm'... I kid you not...)
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