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Stefy ~ ステフィ
08 December 2008 @ 09:09 pm
I'm bloody exhausted, even if oddly exhilarated.
I went to Artigianato in Fiera this morning and to an old traditional Milan fair called 'Oh bej, oh bej' (milanese for 'Oh, the pretties, oh, the pretties! XD).
I wasn't planning on hitting the second one, but after I spent 6 hours in that first fair I came home to a pouting mother who wanted me to go with her to the Oh bej, oh bej, so I did.
BAD idea.
The place was packed, so much that you couldn't walk, it was just a clog of people unmoving. And it was in the open, open winter air 5°C degrees.
I can barely feel my legs and feet now XD

Ah, but the first fair *o*
I got to tour the Asia department extensively this time (and barely restrained myself from going to the Katana stand and be a dork with them), tasted some marvelous mint tea from Tunisia, and got all my Christmas shopping out of the way! ^o^
But alas... I couldn't resist. I caved in and bought a couple of things for myself too >_<

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