December 14th, 2008

D-Boys Yanagi Xmas

Don we now our gay apparel, Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la!

Ruby I received your Christmas card, thank you so much! ♥

What I feared happened, I've been tagged for the Happiness meme! XD
Ah well, I'll try to do my best... ^^;

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.
(I'll tag: angelalia, calzamante, umarekawareru, so_wicked, nike158, tailoredshirt, grumpychild, katsu.

Day #1

Got to see Cristina and the other girls for lunch, we then proceeded to sneak into Rinascente, drool over all the things we couldn't afford, then went out to freeze our asses off and talk XD

Speaking of meme, rampantwhistler in a previous one suggested I need a middle name, since I don't have one... her suggestion was for 'Danger', but I'll ask for your opinion as well :P

What should Stefy's middle name be?