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Stefy ~ ステフィ
22 July 2009 @ 06:37 pm
...otherwise weird dreams will visit you".

That's what I learned last night.
I had an insane dream where I was with my laptop in the bathroom (plugged in and everything) and chatting with Chris (yep, you none_neither :P) on MSN o.O
Then she started inviting other people in the chat, and it turned out it was people she shouldn't be knowing, girls I used to talk to before my LJ days, gals I bonded with on ISJAB back in the day talking about Britney Spears. sleepin24o7 was among the invited.
And then the scenery changed and we were all sitting around a round table talking. It had an Alcoholics Anonymous feel to it. And all of a sudden the "president" of the meeting was AUbrey O'Day from Danity Kane, asking us to share our worst relationship episode... and then I woke up.


Erm... disturbing dreams aside, I got to take my second cousin (sister of the other cousin) to see Half-Blood Prince... what a good, absolutely disinterested cousin I am, uh? >DDD

On the second screening I got to notice other details I missed the first time... like in the cabinet where all the memories are stored, the one directly next to DD's first meeting with Tom was named "Tom Riddle Senior".
So I guess they didn't discard the other memories completely.
Maybe they'll show us something in the next movie? Yeah, wishful thinking, I know.
Also dumb me just noticed Narcissa's bi-color hair. The fuck was that?
And I noticed the lemon sherbet on DD's desk when Harry visited it after his death... I dunno why but that made me even sadder :((

Also, I can't help but fear that the small argument Harry and Remus had at the Burrow will be used to substitute the fight they had in DH... I don't see the screenwriters including it, and it bums me out.
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