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Stefy ~ ステフィ
26 July 2009 @ 10:59 pm
It feels good to sit my ass on my sofa after the weekend I had.
As you know, yesterday I had to drive for the first time in a LOOONG while.
It wasn't peaches and cream.
The car often turned off when I tried to start it after a red light, which of course sent me in a panic and people behind me in honking mood.
Other than that it went ok.

Then I had to complicate my life by doing groceries at 7PM and cooking a dessert for my grandma.
I was done by 10PM, had a kitchen to clean and a dinner to still eat.
And the dessert wasn't even all that good.
I attempted Chocolate brownies with a strawberries cheesecake icing, but the brownies part stayed soft and pudding-like ;___;

This morning I decided to apply a new purple nail polish before living the house.
Shame it juxt wouldn't dry. I attempted to dry with my hair blow-dryer, proceeded to rush out of the house only to discover I left with hoops earrings of 2 different sizes. >_>

To add insult to injury, tonight I had to drive my aunt's car to take myself home, with her, my uncle and my 9 years old cousin sitting in the back.
After yet another "car turning off" incident they told me to just press on that damn accelerator.
I did.
I made a start resembling a Formula 1 rally.
Cousin was most... impressed? I hope that's what his "HOLY COW" meant.

Those are the highlights of my weekend.
Seeing Italian Cris tomorrow.
LOL, that's it XD
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