August 26th, 2009


When there's not enough to fill up a post... My Twitters!

  • 10:23 @proudchapina Aww, thank you so so much! Do you want me to order you a nail polish from here, as an exchange? #
  • 12:14 I feel stupid,I'm dreading going to the call center like crazy. I almost want to throw a hissyfit,stomping my foot and saying "Don't wanna!" #
  • 18:12 @chiisuke I sure hope not ;_; #
  • 18:13 @ruberama w00t! Go Ruby! #
  • 18:14 @proudchapina lol which is aproximately what I have now XD Ok, but if you change your mind or want/need a polish, don't hesitate ^o^ #
  • 20:26 I just voted for Check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 20:27 I feel so drained these days that I can't think of a single interesting thing to post on LJ... #
  • 22:40 UGH. Early start tomorrow. Bed, now. Night, you guys <3 #
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