August 27th, 2009


When there's not enough to fill up a post... My Twitters!

13:18 It's official:I hate phones. Morning of hell.I'm gonna buy a lunch to cheer myself up. #

18:40 Uknow u're in a horrible mood when you get a giddy email from ur best friend and it almost pisses you off.Feeling cranky AND GUILTY now ;_; #

18:50 And now dad is home and with his inane questions managed to make me feel even worst. Wish he could go out again so I could have a good cry. #

19:07 Of course he had to pry and annoy so I snapped at him, got reduced almost to tears. Fuck this day. Fuck my stupid introverse personality. #

23:03 Just changed my twitter background, check it out! Found it at #

23:34 I RAINING! OH YES, YES, YES! THANK GOD! A little bit of fresh air... #

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