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Stefy ~ ステフィ

13:24 First second I had to breathe this morning. WTH,why does everyone calls on Tuesday? I miss home... #

14:22 I think I have James Potter with me on the metro..or at least he looks like I imagine him. #

16:07 Ok, even if I was sleepy coke from Burger King wasn't prob. the best idea. Oww, tummy. #

16:53 Holy shit WHAT?!? Ryo and Yamapi have the swine flu??? #jdrama #

19:35 Oy Firefox... kindly STOP logging me out of Gmail and Twitter! >=| #

22:34 Well shit, Gmail is down. I get all notifications of comments and emails on there. *kick something* #gmail #

22:41 Bless iGoogle, I can access Gmail through that. Try it, people #gmail #

23:25 Bed for me, I have a full day formal meeting tomorrow. Night, peeps! <3 #

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