October 3rd, 2009


When there's not enough to fill up a post... My Twitters!

12:31 Mom is one sharp woman:calls me when I'm heading out for work to ask for a number,I say I'll call her back and she doesn't pick up anymore.. #

13:30 I've never done one of these but today seems like a good day to try it... FOLLOW FRIDAY! #

13:32 #Follow Friday : @tamiandsteve @twitbackground @proudchapina @PolishMayhem @Nailoftheweek @ChinaGlaze @ruberama @jankenpyonpyon @bombaycake #

13:32 Next week a new group :D #

17:21 I feel my head pounding.More than 3 hours to go. At least I got to practice my english by writing an email for my coworker XD #

19:20 Drinking some hot chocolate from the vending machine. Disgusting but let us hope it'll do the trick and wake me up! #

20:20 Nothing I love more than spending a whole day following a client only to be told in the end "Sorry,not interested anymore" Fuck U! >=# #

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