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Stefy ~ ステフィ

16:35 Today is never gonna end.I had some archiving to do and that was the high point of the day.No phone calls.Clients don't answer to call-backs #

19:42 U'd think I would have learned to shut up by now.I'm ready to crash. I've done 6 vocal recording in the last hour, my brain feels gone. #

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Stefy ~ ステフィ
07 October 2009 @ 10:12 am
And today I'm up for "Best Way to State the Obvious".

First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NERF! ♥

Second... actually that was my main reason for making a post XD
My life is B-O-R-I-N-G.
All the excitement comes from fighting with the posts who are holding a package from me because it's 1 bottle of nail polish and ZOMG you don't know what kind of destructive chemicals they might be using in American Nial Polishes!

On the work side of things, I'm still recuperating from yesterday.
Close to no phone calls but in the last hour I had some 8 vocal recordings to do. I lost my voice at the end of it all and couldn't keep straight which client was which >_>

Now I have 3 phone calls to make already, plus scheduling interviews for new guys.
It feels weird to be on this end of that kind of phone call. You start to see how interviewers handle simple things as you not being able to answer your phone or having scheduling conflicts... I feel mean :(

My only hope for the day is to be able to stay awake long enough to finally download and watch the extra new episode from Kuroshitsuji... my life is very limited XD

EDIT: OH WAIT! Can you guys help me with something?
Remember that misheard lyrics video from Death Note that I pushed down your throat quite few times?
I can't find it anymore ;__;
Can you guys help me find it?
Current Mood: busybusy