November 15th, 2009

PoT Fly


Finally a good weekend!
I did spend Saturday morning cursing the families who were grocery shopping with me and my mom (40 minutes just for queuing at the cash register, I kid you not >_>) but after that I got to relax in the afternoon, and today I went to Fumettopoli... and finally met kiu22!
We did it, girl!
It only took us a year after all! XD

I found there were a lot more cosplayers than the other times I went, probably cause I went later than usual too and it was already packed :P
There were a lot of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji costumes, one girl in particular was perfect. I even saw a Madame Red and Joker! XD
And right when I thought I'd get no Ciel and mentioned to Kiu my penchant for liking the disliked characters, a Ciel in his lovely victorian attire walked by *_*

Can I just say how weird it is to be a fan of a serie that's currently popular?
Jeez, never happened to me! XD
When I was all into PoT nobody knew it in Italy, for the other series I obsessed over I came into them late in the game... but Kuroshitsuji is freaking everywhere now in Italy O.O
I had to restrain myself from buying every single thing I saw and walked away with "just" the official artbook, a purdy optical mouse (one day I'm gonna get the girl who swiped the mouse pad with Sebastian molesting Ciel right from under my nose! XD), Ciel's blue family ring and this awesome mug that has the original version of this picture on it *______*
(why can't I found the original version??? )

I should have taken some pictures myself, there were just so many good costumes! (the Harry Potter with his broom and stuffed owl would have pleased my cousin much XD)
Hope you'll post some, Kiu ^-^
And thank everyone for putting up with my nerd self (you included) :P

Now I'll go drink a ginseng coffee in my new cup :P
What about you guys, how have your weekends been so far?