January 26th, 2010

PoT Yagyuu

See? This is the problem of us procrastinators...

I keep meaning to make a post.
When something happens I think "I need to keep it in mind and post it in my next update!"
And I keep post-poning in hopes of having more than 1 thing to say, so as to be a bit less boring XD

Problem is... when I do get the time to update, I've forgotten what I wanted to update LJ with o___o

I'm sure 1 thing I wanted to say was a big THANK YOU to all those who sent me Christmas Cards!
Knowing my country's posts, I probably didn't get all of them yet... but for now I want to send a massive hug and a slobbering kiss to calzamante, kiu22, and so_wicked, with a very speciuuul thanks to angelalia, akahannah and seregil_1982... you girls know why ;)

And another thing is... did you guys know our baby D-Boys will be Ciel in the new Kuroshitsuji musical?
I just found out! *____*
You go, you 10-years-old cutie-whose-name-I-can't-remember!

I'm not even gonna talk about Milan, and being stuck in an office with an interist boss....
Nor will I digress on Tenimyu and my sudden craving for watching the old myus....