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Stefy ~ ステフィ
28 January 2010 @ 03:03 am

  • 09:38:50: Good morning! I'm in the office... freezing my ass off and already checking the clock, 1 hour into my shift.
  • 12:23:20: I have the "Hangover" version of Candyshop stuck in my head XD
  • 13:22:26: Queuing outside uni's office. I can tell already that I won't make it in time before lunch break ends.
  • 14:33:08: Accomplished nothing,as per usual.I think I'm in some deep shit too cause I told boss abt my uni woes. Might make him want to drop me...
  • 17:24:54: 5 minutes.... 5 minutes til I can leaveee!!!
  • 17:49:18: It takes so little to make me feel accomplished.. I kept up with my lj f-list 2 days in a row. Woo! XD
  • 23:08:35: I wanted to stay up and relish in not having the first shift tom.. but I'm beaten.Damn you work for beating my night-owl lifestyle out of me

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